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Health Services

Collierville Schools Health Services

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Collierville Schools Health Services works hard to help parent sad teacher remove barriers to a student's learning. Full-time nurses are staffed in each of our schools to provide assessment whenever a student arrives in the clinic. Our goal is to keep students healthy so that they can be in school. 

Health Services are provided to all students so that they may be able to fully participate in their own education, regardless of medical conditions or physical limitations. 

The Role of the School Nurse
1. Work with parents/guardians and healthcare providers to obtain necessary health information
2.  Assist with state mandated school health screenings
3.  Participate in providing first aid to students and staff
4.  Participate in IEP/504 meetings, as needed
5.  Manage communicable diseases
6.  Review Confidential Health Forms and develop the medical needs list for their school
7.  Determine the level of health services needed for the student population
8.  Follow doctor's orders given per student student so that each child can fully participate in their educational opportunities during the school day
9.  Acts as a member of the Healthy School Team at each school
10. Provide health education opportunities for students and staff to help them make healthy life choices
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