School Wellness

Family Life, Healthy Living

The Family Life, Healthy Living Curriculum is aimed at reaching life-long personal health and wellness skills such as building healthy interpersonal relationships, personal safety, goal-setting and decision-making and communicable disease prevention. 

Puberty: The Wonder Years

The Collierville School Board voted to approve Puberty: The Wonder Years curriculum at the January 28, 2020 school board meeting. All 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students will be instructed in the new curriculum in May, unless parents opt out. The opt out form will be available in March. 
Parents may review, on their own, curriculum components at the Puberty: The Wonder Years website
Below are links to the videos that will be shown to the students in the corresponding grade levels. Students will watch videos that have had the ads removed. Teachers will log into a Collierville Schools server using their unique ID and password to access the ad-free videos. The videos below are not ad-free since they are on a public site. 
4th Grade Videos
5th Grade Videos
Lesson 2, Male students only:
Lesson 3, Female students only:
6th Grade Videos
There was a Parent Review Night on Thursday, March 5th, from 6pm - 8pm.
The public notice is below:

Coordinated School Health & Physical Education

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Collierville Schools follows the TN Department of Education's Coordinated School Health Approach to ensure all Collierville Schools students remain healthy and able to fully participate in all educational opportunities. 

Coordinated School Health is based on the Centers for Disease Control 8 Component approach to healthier schools:

  1. Nutrition Services - link to shared services website
  2. Health Services - link to more information
  3. Counseling and Psychological Services 
  4. Health Promotion for Staff
  5. Healthy School Environment
  6. Health Education
  7. Physical Education/Physical Activity
  8. Parent/Community Involvement


Healthy School Teams

Each school has a Healthy School Team which utilizes faculty and staff  who are considered experts in each component so that they able to capture a comprehensive snapshot of the school environment. After assessing the needs of the school, as a team, the school will develop a plan to not only address the weaknesses, but also highlight its strengths. Healthy School Teams promote healthy schools and encourage healthy behaviors, for students, faculty and families.


TN Coordinated School Health Website

TN Coordinated School Health

Physical Education/Physical Activity

It's important for all students to be healthy and active and our Physical Education teachers help our students learn to enjoy everyday activities that will help them achieve life-long health. Select PE Teachers attend the annual TAPHERD Conference each year to learn the newest ideas to use in the gyms and classroom. 

Check out Coach William's Website!

Coach Crystal Williams is an awesome PE teacher and shares her knowledge on her new website!


During the hot summer and early fall months, Collierville Schools is always cautious about outdoor activity.  
Below are the Collierville Schools Physical Education and Recess Guidelines for Extreme Heat and Cold.
Nutrition Nuggets and Home & School are monthly newsletters for parents and students with tips for healthy living.