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The January 24, 2017 Board Work Session has been cancelled
The January 24, 2017 Board Work Session has been cancelled

Superintendent's Corner

It is difficult to believe that we are starting our third year as Collierville Schools.  We are proud of all that has been accomplished over the last two years in our district, and we are so thankful for all the support shown by our parents, community members, and Town of Collierville officials.  We are blessed to have an exceptional Board of Education whose members epitomize commitment and dedication.  Our community is an exceptional community, and the amenities we sometime take for granted are envied by those across the state and region.  I am proud to be the leader of such a great school district, but also a resident of this wonderful Town.
Our school district continues to grow, and it is exciting to see the buzz in the community as we continue to plan to best serve our students.  Work is progressing nicely on our new high school facility, and we are moving quickly to its opening in August 2018. If you haven't yet had the chance to visit the location, take a drive to the corner of Sycamore Drive and Shelby Drive and take in the 158-acre site,  We will continue to post monthly progress photos of the school site, and it will be interesting to watch the construction unfold over the next two years.
We are also pleased with the decreased emphasis on assessments as a result of actions taken by our state officials.  The recent changes in policies reduce both testing time per test per student and the number of days involved in the testing window.  After all of the challenges we all have encountered over the last couple of years in this area, it will be refreshing to have a year where more attention can be paid to regular instruction and school day activities.

We look forward to another exciting successful year. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at

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Important Now

Collierville Schools Device Roll-Out has begun!
4th - 7th graders will be issued iPads beginning January 18th.  Parent meetings have been scheduled at each school.  Parents, please be sure you attend so that you have all the information you need, and your student can be issued an iPad. As parent meetings are held, we are compiling a list of FAQs.  You can access those here: FAQs Device Roll-Out. The Digital Resource Guide for parents can be found here: Digital Resource Guide.

News & Announcements

Pre-K Program Awarded to Collierville Schools

Pre-K is an educational program that is purposed to provide four-year-old children identified as being educationally and economically at-risk with access to a quality educational environment, in hopes of preparing them for future educational success. The program is of no cost.

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Upcoming Events

Parent Conferences
Date: 2/9/2017, 3 PM 7 PM
Location: 3-6 or 4-7
Professional Development Day - No School for Students
Date: 2/10/2017
Spring Break
Date: 3/13/2017
Spring Break
Date: 3/14/2017
Spring Break
Date: 3/15/2017
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