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Student Enrollment

Please see the below Summer Registration memo for students who are new to Collierville Schools.


Policy #6.203 (Forms)

Pupils are required to attend school between the ages of six (6) and seventeen (17), both inclusive, unless withdrawn in accordance with legal requirements. (T.C.A. §49-6-3001). Educational services will be provided for homeless students in accordance with local, state and federal guidelines.

Only the residence of the parent with legal custody may be used for registration. (T.C.A. §49-6-3103) In cases where parents have joint custody, only the address of the parent named as the primary residential parent may be used for registration. The parent whose residence qualifies the child to be registered is the parent the school personnel will consider as the custodial parent. The noncustodial parent may receive school records when a written request is given to the school principal in compliance with T.C.A. §49-6-902 or T.C.A. §36–6–104. Reference Policy #6.209

PROOF OF RESIDENCE (Policy #6.203) see full policy here

Proof of official residence will be required at registration and will be checked randomly as well as when there is a reasonable question regarding the location of the current residence.

Policy regarding enrollment and custody issues here.