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Student Enrollment

Custody Requirements for Enrollment in Collierville Schools

  1. Only parents/legal guardians/custodians having lawful control of students and able to provide proof of legal custody, may enroll a student. Legal custody outside of the natural parents must be documented with a lawful court order.
  2. Power of Attorney may only be used for the following circumstances: (Collaborating documents must be provided) (T.C.A. §34-6-302)
    1. Parents/Legal Guardians is medically unable to take care of the child.
    2. Parents/Legal Guardians is incarcerated.
    3. Parents/Legal Guardians is on deployment with the military.
    4. Parents/Legal Guardians has been displaced as a result of a natural disaster.

Collierville Student Enrollment Information

Everyone must provide two (2) of the following items showing the parent/guardian’s name and address from the acceptable proof list:

  • Driver’s License
  • Public/Government Benefits or Assistance
  • Sales Contract (contingency agreements not accepted)
  • Real Estate Tax Receipt
  • Mortgage Information
  • Current MLG&W bill or Turn on Receipt
  • Municipal Water Bill
  • Rental or Lease Contract

Shared Residence Verification:

1) Shared Residence Proof- Parents/guardians who live with another person must provide:
  • Notarized Shared Residence Affidavit
  • Two proofs of residency from the following list:

Driver’s License
Car Registration
Voter Registration
Payroll Stub
Three (3) Significant Pieces of Mail or Government Assistance Communication

2) The homeowner must also be present and provide two (2) proofs of residence from the acceptable proof list above.

Kindergarten Enrollment:

Students enrolling in kindergarten must provide the following:

1) Certified Birth Certificate
2) Official Certificate of Immunization
3) Social Security Number
4) Physical Examination

A child must be five (5) years of age on or before August 15, 2022, for the 2022-23 school year to be admitted to kindergarten.

New Student Enrollment:

New 1st grade – 12th grade students enrolling who have not previously enrolled must provide the following:

1) Certified Birth Certificate
2) Official Certificate of Immunization
3) Social Security Number
4) Last Report Card if available

Immunization and Health Records:

K-12 students must provide an official Certificate of Immunization filled out by a medical provider. Physical exams (within the prior 12 months of registration) are required for entry into kindergarten. New students enrolling in a TN school for the first time will also be required to provide a physical exam. (Within the prior 12 months of registration) 7th grade students will need to show proof of their TDAP booster.