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McKinney-Vento Act - Homeless Information Page

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2. Tennessee information for the McKinney-Vento Act
3. District Homeless Liaison -  Julie Johnson, LCSW, District Social Worker
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If you wish to dispute the district’s decision regarding homeless eligibility or placement, please follow the steps listed below:


  • Level 1—Appeal to the School or the LEA Homeless Liaison: If a parent or unaccompanied youth wishes to appeal an LEA’s decision related to eligibility, enrollment, or school selection, the appeal is submitted to the LEA’s homeless liaison or the homeless contact at the school where the dispute is taking place.
  • Level 2—Appeal to the LEA Director of Schools: If the dispute is unresolved, the parent or unaccompanied youth may appeal the Level 1 decision to the LEA director of schools or designee.


  • Level 3—Appeal to the State Coordinator: If the dispute continues to be unresolved, the parent or unaccompanied youth may appeal the Level 2 decision to the McKinney-Vento state coordinator at the department. Division of Federal Programs & Oversight 2 | May 2020 710 James Robertson Parkway • Andrew Johnson Tower, 12th Floor • Nashville, TN 37243


  • Level 4—Appeal to the State Assistant Commissioner of the Division of Federal Programs and Oversight (FPO): If the parent, unaccompanied youth, or district wishes to appeal the Level 3 decision rendered by the McKinney-Vento state coordinator, an appeal may be submitted to the assistant commissioner of the division of federal programs and oversight (FPO).