Welcome to Student Services

The goal of Student Services is to provide support for students and administrators. Student Services is comprised of services and programs that are focused on supporting academic success. Programs meet the students needs by addressing the skills and knowledge that promote healthy personal and social growth and development. We address identified student behaviors and concerns that are interfering with their academic or personal growth so that they are able to take advantage of all educational opportunities and realize their full potential.
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Tammi McKelroy, Student Services Secretary 
  • (901) 286-6398
Sonya Spencer, Secretary to Chief of Student Services
  • (901) 286-6394
  1. Attendance, Discipline, Enrollment, Shared Residency
    • Herchel Burton, Chief of Student Services  
      • (901) 286-6393
  2. Attendance, Discipline, Enrollment, Shared Residency
    • Andy Field, Student Services Supervisor
      • (901) 286-6395 
  3. Health Services, Coordinated School Health, Family Resource Center 
    • Meghan Seay, Coordinated School Health Supervisor
      • (901) 286-6397