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COVID-19 Notification Dashboard

UPDATE: COVID-19 Guidance (current as of 01/12/22)
Under the new emergency rule established per TCA 14-4-101, schools are allowed to adopt their own quarantine guidance. TN Dept of Health recommends following CDC guidance for Isolation and Quarantine in K-12 settings. The recommended timelines for isolation and quarantine in K-12 settings are the same as for the general population.
Changes to Note:
  • Potentially exposed students are no longer required to remote learn
  • Masks are strongly encouraged for all students; however, they are not required
  • Masks are REQUIRED for all Collierville Schools Faculty and Staff AND for any adult visitor
  • Positive case activity in classrooms will be communicated via an email or ParentSquare notification
  • Students who are isolating due to a COVID-positive result OR who have been identified as close contacts to a COVID-positive person may distance learn for the duration of their isolation period.

FREE COVID Testing for Students and Staff

We are now offering voluntary FREE COVID Testing for all Collierville Employees and all Collierville Students, with parent/guardian consent.  We will conduct testing in your vehicle.  Our operating hours are Monday - Friday, except during school holidays or closings, from 8:30 a.m - 1:30p.m. 
Please register via the sign up in ParentSquare.
**Anyone who is awaiting test results due to an exposure or symptoms, shall not return to campus until the test results are negative AND you have completed your isolation time, based on date of exposure. 

WHERE:Collierville High School Transition Entrance.
DIRECTIONS: Follow the way-finding signs to the Transition Entrance.  It is the second entrance past the MyTown Movers Fieldhouse and has a metal awning over the entrance.  You may pull up to the sidewalk in front of the entrance.
ARRIVAL:  Call (901) 853-3310 #80063. DO NOT ENTER THE SCHOOL BUILDING.  Our COVID Nurse will arrive at your car with a consent form and conduct a nasal swab.
TESTING INFO:The test is a PCR test, which will be sent to the Memphis Branch of American Esoteric Laboratories.  Test results will be emailed to patients within 24 - 48 hours, dependent on the amount of tests the lab is processing.

*As a reminder, all minors MUST be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.  It preferable for students 18 or older to also be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. 

COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies for the 2021-2022 School Year (UPDATED 01/12/22):

  • Masks are strongly encouraged for all students; however, they are not required.
  • Masks ARE REQUIRED for all employees and adult visitors.
  • Social distancing will continue with a minimum of three feet of separation between students in their classrooms, to the extent possible.
  • Frequent hand washing and good respiratory etiquette will be routinely emphasized.
  • Disinfecting of physical spaces will occur throughout the school day.
  • The district will continue to monitor cases and report out new positive cases within classrooms.
  • The COVID-19 dashboard will be updated throughout the week and dependent on new positive cases.
  • Active and total cases are reported on our Collierville Schools COVID-19 Dashboard, below.
  • Positive cases are required to follow the TN Dept. of Health Guidelines and isolate at home for a minimum of 5 days.
    • Distance learning is available for all COVID-positive students and those students required to isolate at home after a close contact with a COVID-positive person.
In keeping with Collierville Schools practices to respond to COVID-19 and keeping parents, employees, students and the Collierville community informed, this website has been developed to report the number of lab-confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 among people at each Collierville school and central office location.  The information below includes the number of self-reported, lab-confirmed cases identified for each Collierville school (student only) and central office (staff only) since the school year began on Monday, August 9, 2021, and the number of cases identified by location that are currently active.  Identified positive case numbers include only students enrolled/assigned to a campus.
This site is updated SEVERAL TIMES PER WEEK and is timestamped above the tables. The portal is not regularly updated on weekends or Collierville Schools holidays when schools and central offices are closed. Collierville Schools staff complete both the case confirmation and contact tracing processes before data is reported in this portal. 

This general information is presented for parent, staff, and community notification purposes.  If a student or employee is determined to be a close contact of a positive case, parents and employees are notified individually and immediately with next steps, including quarantine information.


When an active case is confirmed, it is added simultaneously to both the active column and cumulative column. As each person recovers and meets the CDC guidelines to return to school/work, their case is no longer considered active and is removed from the active column while remaining part of the cumulative total.


If you have specific health related questions about close contact, quarantine, testing centers, and other COVID-19 information, please contact the Shelby County Health Department at (901) 222-6275.


Last Updated 1/21/2022, 3:40 P.M.

ACTIVE Numbers -
Currently Active COVID-19 Positive Cases Student/Staff  
                                Total              Positive               %
Employees:            1346                    34                    2.53
Students:                9119                   133                   1.45
Case TOTALS Since 8/09/2021
2021-22 COVID-19 Positive 
Start of school year (includes currently active).
                                 Total              Positive           %
Employees:             1346                  181               13.44
Students:                9119                   1,233            13.52
School Campus 
Positive Students
 (Currently Active) 
Positive Staff 
(Currently Active) 
Positive Students
(School YTD, 8/09)
Bailey Station Elementary 10 2 101
Collierville Elementary 7 5 129
Crosswind Elementary 7 2 114
Schilling Farms Elementary 21 5 81
Sycamore Elementary 9 2 44
Tara Oaks Elementary 15 2 101
Collierville Middle School 7 3 141
West Collierville Middle School 40 4 201
Collierville High School 37 6 321
Collierville Virtual Academy NA 0 NA
District Admin  Positive (Currently Active)  Positive (School YTD, 8/09)
Central Office 5 18
Last Updated: 1/3/2022 at 10:51 a.m.
1.).  Are the employees of Collierville Schools required to receive both vaccinations, prior to the start of the school year? 
A.).  Legally, Collierville Schools cannot mandate/require employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccinations.  Collierville Schools provided its employees with three vaccination events during spring 2021. 
2.).  What are the district's COVID-19 mitigation strategies?
A.).  Mask wearing is strongly encouraged, however not required for all students. At this time, during the rise in active cases, Collierville Schools is requiring all faculty and staff to wear a mask.  Throughout the entire school day, routine cleaning of the entire school campus will occur.   In the classroom, at a minimum, students will be separated by three feet of distance between each other to the extent possible.   Frequent hand washing and respiratory etiquette will be highly emphasized and practiced.  Collierville Schools established a districtwide free, VOLUNTARY COVID-19 testing program for all students and employees at the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year.  Collierville Schools will continue its best-practices by collaborating with the Shelby County Health Department for our contact tracing protocols. 
3.).  When would Collierville Schools activate its remote learning model (a blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning at home)?
A.).  In the State of Tennessee, public schools do not have the option of transitioning to a remote instructional model if the school or district must close, based on our active, limited State of Emergency Plan.  Collierville Schools must exhaust all stockpile days to account for any and all lost instructional days (to equal 178), before the district can transition to a remote learning model.  This is subject to change if Governor Lee declares a different State of Emergency Plan. 
4.).  How will school communication be shared with families involving COVID-19 cases? 
A.).  Identifiable close contacts will receive communication via ParentSquare from the district.  The COVID-19 dashboard will be updated throughout the week and dependent on new positive cases. 
5.).  Will visitors have access to the school building? 
A.).  For the first quarter, visitors will only have access to the school building during kindergarten staggered days and on the first day of school.  This too, is subject to change after the first quarter.