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Family Resource Center

The Collierville Schools Family Resource Center (FRC) is the hub for resources that Collierville has to offer and a way for our community partners to be more visible and accessible to the families in Collierville Schools. The FRC has been operating for over a year now and has been able to help many students and families!

The FRC coordinates a Weekend Food Program through the Memphis Dream Center. On Fridays, food bags are placed either in a child's backpack at school or delivered to their homes by volunteers from Junior Auxiliary of Collierville. The FRC also has physical resources that are available to families of Collierville Schools. Items include toiletries, school supplies, clothing/shoes, and nonperishable food items to name a few. It also serves as a meeting space and is open for small groups. The FRC coordinates holiday programs during Thanksgiving and Christmas to assist families in need.  

Please reach out to your student’s school counselor if you have a need that the FRC can help with!

Our mission is to provide non-academic support through various school district and community resources. Our goal is to reach the most underserved students and families with a multi-pronged approach which addresses their social-emotional needs as well as physical needs.

Our vision is to empower all families and provide parents with resources to help their children achieve their full potential in school. We want students to be equipped to find success in their future by helping them cultivate tools to achieve all their goals.

The Family Resource Center is working with Junior Auxiliary of Collierville this summer for the Food for Kids Summer Food Program. Food boxes will be dropped off at homes on the following dates to families enrolled.

Delivery Dates:

  • Friday, June 3rd
  • Friday, June 24th
  • Friday, July 15th
Collierville Schools annual
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Collierville Schools Annual
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