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Foreign Exchange Students

Guidelines and Procedures for Foreign Exchange Students

The following guidelines are provided to assist the foreign exchange organization, the foreign exchange student, and the host family in understanding the expectations of this privilege:

  • The local foreign exchange organization representative should contact Student Services to secure approval to place the student in the high school of the host family’s attendance zone. Applications and all required documentation concerning the exchange student should be submitted no later than June 30, prior to the academic year of attendance. The completed application must include basic records, written in English.
  • Foreign exchange students are accepted for one calendar year and will not be approved for a single semester.
  • Because of limited classroom availability, the District will, annually, only accept up to 3 foreign exchange students.
  • The foreign exchange student is responsible for providing the month/date/year of all immunization. Immunization records must be in English.
  • The foreign exchange organization is responsible for providing a copy of the student’s high school transcript for the entire year. The transcript must be in English.
  • Every foreign exchange student is encouraged to be fluent in writing and speaking English.
  • The host family must be Collierville resident and enroll the foreign exchange student.
  • Foreign exchange students will be classified at a level no higher than 11th grade.
  • No student who has completed the equivalent of the 12th grade in their home country, has received a diploma or a certificate of graduation, or is considered eligible for college or university placement will be eligible to attend a district high school.
  • Foreign exchange students will not be placed in class ranking.
  • Foreign exchange students are subject to Collierville Schools attendance and discipline policies and are expected to participate fully in their classes, including taking tests.