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Curriculum Adoption

Curriculum Adoption

Collierville Schools is dedicated to adopting and implementing high-quality instructional materials. The links below outline the adoption process, access to online samples, and laws, rules, and policies related to the adoption process. 

Districts are best positioned to choose which textbooks and instructional materials meet the needs of their students, educators, and community. Local school systems must subsequently adopt books on the official list or submit a waiver request to the department to use textbooks or instructional materials not on the approved list.

Local boards of education must appoint review committees to review the textbooks and instructional materials proposed for adoption and make their adoption upon recommendations of such committees. These committees are set up by grade and subject matter fields and composed of teachers, or supervisors and teachers, and parents with children enrolled in the LEA at the time of appointment to a committee. The local board may also appoint experts in the grade level or subject matter field for which textbooks and instructional materials are to be reviewed. Teachers and supervisors who serve on a committee must be teaching or supervising the respective grade or subject at the time of appointment and must be licensed to teach in the state with endorsements in the subject matter or grade level for which textbooks or instructional materials are being reviewed. Teachers and supervisors must have three or more years of experience as teachers or supervisors in the public schools.The director of schools in the LEA adopting textbooks or instructional materials serves as an ex officio member of all committees.

After the committees make their recommendations to the local board of education, the director of schools records the list of all textbooks or instructional materials adopted by the local board of education, and forwards a copy of the recorded adoption to the commissioner of education and posts the list on the LEA's web site.

Supplies of books are maintained in a depository in the state. School districts may make their purchases directly from the depository.

Public access to approved print materials will be provided at each school during the adoption process.