Assessment is an integral part of the educational process. Results of the various assessments are utilized to drive instruction in order to meet the needs of all Collierville Schools’ students. The assessments utilized this school year are included in the assessment schedule listed below.

The purposes of the program shall be to:

  1. Assist in promoting accountability. 
  2. Determine the progress of students.
  3. Assess the effectiveness of the instructional program and student learning.
  4. Aid in counseling and guiding students in planning future education and other endeavors. 
  5. Analyze the improvements needed in a given instructional area. 
  6. Assist in the screening of students with learning difficulties.
  7. Assist in placing students in remedial programs.
  8. Provide information for college entrance and placement; and 
  9. Assist in educational research by providing data.
Assessment Calendars 2023-24: The calendars may be subject to change, dependent on Tennessee Department of Education guidelines.