Professional Development and Evaluation

Professional Learning

Professional learning is an essential part of Collierville Schools.  We believe continuous learning and improvement must take place for teachers to grow in their practices and enhance the learning of our students.  Our administrators and teachers engage in a variety of experiences to ensure that learning for educators leads to learning for students. 


The following Standards for Professional Learning are the essential elements of professional learning that function in synergy to enable our educators to increase their effectiveness and student learning.


School Support Teams

In order to ensure that every student is nurtured and challenged by a highly effective teacher in every classroom, Collierville Schools is committed to developing teacher leaders to multiply their impact across the district. 


Collierville Schools was one of eight districts selected across the state to serve on the 2014-2015 Tennessee Teacher Leader Council.  Representatives from Collierville Schools worked collaboratively to create a unique, innovative teacher leader model aligned to our district’s needs and goals.  We are proud of the work put forth by the Collierville Schools’ Teacher Leader Council in the development of our School Support Teams.


“By investing in the resource that has the greatest impact on student learning – our teachers – we will continue the legacy of high student achievement in Collierville School.”

Collierville Schools' Teacher Leader Council

“Tennessee students have been outpacing students across the nation in academic growth, and I firmly believe developing our teacher leaders is a critical lever for continuing our positive, upward trajectory for student achievement.”


Dr. Candice McQueen

Commissioner of Education

Tennessee Department of Education


Instructional Coaches                                                          

Two Instructional Coaches serve in each of the 8 Collierville Schools.  Instructional Coaches are highly effective classroom teachers who are TEAM certified and support teachers by conducting informal, non-evaluative, peer-to-peer observations and providing specific, actionable feedback aligned to the TEAM Instructional Rubric.  Instructional Coaches also assist in leading district-wide and school-wide Professional Development for all teachers.


Support Team Leaders

Three Support Team Leaders serve across the Collierville School District with a focus on supporting Instructional Coaches.  Support Team Leaders are TEAM certified, highly effective teachers, seasoned Instructional Coaches who support teachers by assisting with the facilitation of district-wide Professional Development, conducting “train the trainer” Professional Development, facilitating New Teacher Trainings and Instructional Coach Trainings, and providing teachers with resources and research-based strategies which focus on increasing teacher effectiveness and increasing student achievement.


Curriculum Support Teachers

Curriculum Support Teachers serve as curriculum liaisons for their respected grade/content areas.  The Curriculum Support Teachers attend local/state trainings, lead monthly school/district-wide Interscholastic PLCs, assist with designing and facilitating Professional Development sessions, and assist colleagues with utilizing state standards, assessments, and instructional resources.


TEAM Evaluations

The Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model (TEAM) is about principals and teachers working together to ensure the best possible instruction every day. Through frequent observation, constructive feedback, student data, and professional development, TEAM is designed to support all educators in doing their best work to help every student learn and grow.


More information on TEAM evaluations can be found here.


Collierville Connection: Newsletter

The Collierville Connection is a newsletter that will be distributed quarterly to our teachers to provide ongoing support regarding curriculum, TEAM evaluations,important dates/news, and best practices. We hope you find the resources within helpful. Feel free to reach out the Department of Curriculum & Accountability if we can assist you in any way!
Professional Development and Evaluation Supervisor
Sheryl Johnson
Collierville Schools District Learning Day
2015 New Teacher Orientation


Dr. Many
June 17-18, 2015

District Learning Day