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Curriculum & Accountability

The Curriculum & Accountability Team works to fulfill the district mission to prepare students for a life of scholarship, integrity, and service.
Collierville Schools implements research-based learning experiences with a personalized and comprehensive approach to maximize student learning and to ensure that all students find their education more relevant, engaging, and rewarding, in compliance with T.C.A. § 49-1-314 and State Board of Education Policy. 
The Collierville Schools Scope and Sequence of Instruction is a collaborative document that ensures that all courses at all grade levels meet the State of Tennessee Academic Standards and lead to post-secondary success for all students. 
Educator Professional Development and Educator Evaluation are directed by the C&A staff in collaboration with school leadership and teachers. 
The Prohibited Concepts Compliant Form and the Reconsideration of a Work Form must be completed and emailed to the Department of Curriculum and Accountability at [email protected]