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All students new to Collierville Schools will complete a Home Language Survey (HLS) during enrollment. If the HLS indicates the presence of a language other than English in the home, the student will then be screened to determine their English language proficiency level in accordance with state law. The results of this screening test (W-APT) will be used to determine the student’s eligibility for ESL services.

The State of Tennessee Department of Education approved the use of the WIDA Consortium English language proficiency standards and corresponding assessments. The WIDA (World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment Consortium) is comprised of states that share a set of common standards for English Language Learners. Detailed information may be found at www.wida.usa.
The WIDA ACCESS Placement Test, also referenced as the W-APT, will be administered to all students indicating any language other than English spoken in the home. This test functions as a screener for the initial language proficiency assessment. The data gathered from the W-APT test is used to determine program placement, instructional contact hours, and to guide instruction within the ESL program at the school level.

Students who are identified as Limited English Proficient based on their language proficiency score will be designated as such in the PowerSchool system. Regular classroom teachers will be made aware of the recommended and allowable accommodations and modifications in order to help the student succeed. A highly qualified, certified ESL instructor will provide language instruction at the school level until the student achieves English language proficiency.

The annual proficiency test, ACCESS for ELLs (Assessing Comprehension and Communication in English State-to State for English Language Learners), is designed to satisfy NCLB requirements for Title III. This proficiency test will be administered to all ELLs during the spring semester. The results will be used to determine placement and instructional plans for the following school year. The student will remain in the ESL program until English language proficiency is achieved.