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Letter from the Superintendent

Citizens of Collierville,


As I meet and talk with people throughout our community, I get a lot of questions about the proposal for a new high school in Collierville. Some of those deal with why we need one and others dig deeper into the actual plans for our ONE TOWN, ONE SCHOOL single high school proposal.


Answering why we need to do something is easy. Here are some statistics that show exactly what our critical capacity needs are. That should show you why we need to take steps quickly. We need more capacity and space at the high school and middle school levels.


The other questions I am asked are a bit more complicated. They deal with such things as:

  • Why can’t we just keep the current high school and add a second smaller one?
  • What are the costs involved in all of the options considered (and we considered several options in depth), such as expanding the current school, building a new large high school, or building a second school and keeping the current one?
  • What is included in the total cost of nearly $100 million for each one of these options?
  • How does what we are proposing compare to the costs of building high schools in other comparable communities across the country (hint: we are on the low end of the costs)?
  • Why is this important to do now?
  • How was the location being proposed selected?

With all of these questions in mind, as well as many others, we will be hosting a Community Meeting on Tuesday, June 16, at 6:00 pm at Collierville Methodist Church. I invite you to join us for this meeting to learn all the details and thinking that have gone into this project, and to have your questions answered.


I am confident that once you know all of the details, you will join in support of the new high school ONE TOWN, ONE SCHOOL proposal and the investment in our community’s future. I believe you will come to that conclusion no matter what stage of life you find yourself in as a Collierville resident. I will also ask you to voice your support by contacting our mayor and aldermen to let them know that this school proposal the right step forward for Collierville.


I look forward to seeing you at the meeting.


John S. Aitken

John S. Aitken

Collierville Schools Superintendent