Prepare for the unexpected!  
AF Limited Benefit Accident Only Insurance may help cover out-of-pocket treatment costs for injuries resulting from unexpected accidents. Because benefits are paid directly to you, you can use these funds to pay toward your deductibles, out-of-pocket responsibilities, or however you choose. 


Cancer insurance can help you pay for a portion of cancer-related expenses, like experimental treatments, chemotherapy, or transportation, when receiving treatment or seeing specialists. Watch this short video to learn about cancer insurance.

Learn More About Cancer Insurance 


Surviving a critical illness may come at a high price. The out-of-pocket costs from a major critical illness, like a heart attack or stroke, can be financially devastating—even with major medical insurance.


That’s where AF™ Limited Benefit Group Critical Illness can help.


Critical illness insurance can help your employees financially prepare for expenses that may not be covered by traditional major medical insurance. It’s designed to pay a lump-sum benefit directly to your employees if they’re diagnosed with one of the life-altering illnesses covered in the critical illness group policy.

And since benefits are paid directly, policyholders can pay for a variety of costs related to treatment and recovery, including:

  • House payments
  • Car payments
  • Groceries
  • Lodging
  • Deductibles
  • Copayments
  • Prescription drugs

To learn more, watch this short, educational video:



Help Protect Your Paycheck with Disability Income Insurance

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you’ve slept through your alarm and had to rush out the door? What if in your rush downstairs, you missed a step and fell? One visit to the doctor’s office later, you find yourself with a serious leg fracture, a surgery date, and doctor’s orders for 12 weeks of rest after. You won’t be working any time soon, which won’t stop doctor bills or your other everyday expenses.


What if you could receive a benefit providing a portion of your income while you’re unable to work? AF™ Disability Income Insurance is designed to financially help you in the event of a covered injury or illness.


A Health FSA can save you money by allowing you to set aside part of your pay, on a pre-tax basis, to pay for eligible medical, dental and vision expenses such as co-payments, medical deductibles, prescriptions, and much more.  Expenses incurred by you, your spouse, and other qualifying individuals are eligible.  A flex debit card allows you to use Flex funds at the time of service, giving you direct access to your FSA funds and helping you avoid waiting on reimbursement checks!