You must meet one of the retirement qualifications to be eligible to retire:
  • Full retirement – 30 years of service or 60 years old with 5 years of service (vested)
  • Early retirement – 55 years old with 5 years of service (vested) or 25-29 years
  • Disability retirement – 5 years of service (vested) or approved accident on the job.You must be on an approved
    • Leave of Absence – pending the approval of your Disability Retirement application.
    • You must continue making payments for your health benefits pending the approval of the Disability Retirement application.
How to contact TCRS:
Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System Information:
      • To get information about benefits and to find out where to begin, go to:
      • To schedule an appointment or speak with a Retirement Counselor:
Contact TCRS
Phone:  615-741-1971
Toll Free:  800-770-8277 Ext. 1
Call Center Number:  800-992-7772
Address:  502 Deaderick Street
                15th Floor, Andrew Jackson Building
                Nashville, TN 37243 


  • Benefits Estimate Request (send to TCRS if you desire an estimate of earnings)
  • It is recommended that you meet with a TCRS Representative/Retirement Counselor
  • Application for Service or Early Retirement Benefits


Eligibility requirements to continue benefits are based on each district’s approved board policy (Attachment Below)


Please return all applicable documents listed below to Cecelia Booker in the HR department (do not fax):

  • Intent Letter
  • Per TCRS, you must submit your application for Service or Early Retirement Benefits online
  • Application for Retiree Health Insurance Enrollment/Change Form
  • Change or Beneficiary for Life Benefits
  • Copy of Driver’s License or Government issued ID
  • Medicare Card showing Part A & Part B enrollment (if applicable)

Benefits to continue at retirement:  (If the above conditions are met)

Please note: If you decline benefits during this opportunity to continue benefits, you will not be allowed to enroll at a later date, even if you lost benefits.
  • Medical Benefit – through MedBen (for pre-65 retirees) - Shared Cost
  • Dental Benefits – through Delta Dental (Must have Medical Benefits) - Employee pays 100%
  • Vision Benefits – through Davis Vision (Must have Medical Benefits) - Employee pays 100%
  • Life Benefits – through Standard Life – 1-time salary up to max $50,000 - Paid by the District

Cancelled at Retirement

  • Disability and Cancer policies
  • Contributions to Valic
  • FSA/Department Childcare policies (please use funds by 8/31)
  • Supplemental Life Policies (please ask for a portability form if applicable)
RECORDING of Virtual Retirement Informational Meeting - April 12, 2021