School Board » Mission, Vision, Beliefs and Goals

Mission, Vision, Beliefs and Goals

Our Mission

Prepare our students for a life of scholarship, integrity, and service.


Our Vision

Collierville Schools will be the leader in public education, meeting the needs of a diverse student population by preparing them to succeed in a global society and celebrating their achievements of today.


Our Beliefs

  •       We believe that public education is a bridge to creating productive members of society.
  •       We believe that every individual is entitled to an emotionally and physically safe and respectful learning environment.
  •       We believe that each student deserves equal and equitable access to a quality education.
  •       We believe that a commitment to student success is a shared responsibility among students, parents, educators, and the community.
  •       We believe that students learn best when they are faced with high expectations and are active participants in their own learning.
  •       We believe that academics, the arts, career and technology, electives, and extracurricular activities are crucial to a well-rounded education.
  •       We believe that the core values of scholarship, integrity, and service should be evident in all we do.
  •       We believe that our schools should reflect the high standards and commitment to quality consistent with those of the Town of Collierville.


Our Goals

  1. To increase academic achievement for our diverse student population as evidenced by state and national assessments.

  2. To provide a safe, orderly and secure learning environment.

  3. To create an environment that promotes active engagement, accountability, and collaboration of all families and community members to maximize student achievement.

  4. To effectively communicate the systems’ vision and purpose and allow involvement in an effort to build understanding and support.

  5. To provide high quality support services delivered on time and within budget to promote student academic success.

  6. To recruit and retain highly qualified and effective staff.