Collierville Schools

PUBLIC NOTICE: The Collierville Schools Board of Education work session, originally scheduled for Thursday, July 12th, at 6:00 pm, has been postponed. The rescheduled work session will be held on Thursday, July 26th, at 4:30 pm, in the administrative conference room at Collierville Town Hall.

About Us

District Staff:

Lisa Higgins - Director of Technology

Zack Gilbrech – Supervisor, Technology Support

Emily Russell - Supervisor, Instructional Technology

Marjorie Kagoo - MDM Technology Specialist 

Sharie Lengel – Administrative Support

Tangie Ray - Database Technology Specialist


Instructional Technology Facilitator  (ITF):

This is a group of certified, exemplary teachers who work with students and staff at the school level. They provide professional development and training to school staff on the use of District Technology. They also teach classes with in tandem with classroom teachers to model best practice technology integration. The ITF’s are a main contact point for Instructional Technology at the schools to which they are assigned. The ITF’s work closely with the Instructional Technology School Support.

Leslie Blevins supports Collierville Middle.

Cheryl Giles supports Collierville High.

Deanna Goss supports Sycamore Elementary.

Susan Hathhorn supports Tara Oaks Elementary.

Sara Hodge supports Schilling Farms Middle.

Beth McCallie supports Crosswind Elementary.

Carrie Moore supports Bailey Station Elementary.

Austyn Scruggs supports Collierville Elementary.


School Technology Support (STS):

These professionals support school staff by installing and maintaining hardware, assisting with network connectivity issues, and providing software support. The STS’s work closely with the Curriculum Technology Trainers to ensure that technology is available and integrated. Please use the links below to visit their websites or email them with issues or problems.

Wanda Fretwell Tara Oaks Elementary and Central Office staff.

Brian Hailey supports Bailey Station Elementary, and Collierville Elementary.

Maurice Lucas supports Crosswind Elementary and Sycamore Elementary.

Torrence Myers  supports Collierville High.

Terri Parker supports Collierville Middle.

Donna Strawn supports Schilling Farms Middle.