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Device Deployment FAQs

Deployment FAQs

Below are answers to many commonly asked questions regarding the Digital Learning Initiative.


What is Internet filtering? 

Internet filtering means that system administrators control the list of permitted and blocked websites. If a student has a take home device, any time they connect to the internet the filtering that is in place on school campuses will also be in place off campus.  Anything that is blocked at school will be blocked off campus.  


Will students have an Apple ID?

At this time, students do not have an Apple ID. 


How can parents see students' email and work?

Much of student work will be saved in the student's OneDrive account or in Schoology.  We strongly encourage asking your child to share their account passwords as an option for parents.


What type of device case is being used?

The district provides a case that covers the entire device, including the screen on an iPad. Please note that the device fee does not cover the damage or missing parts on this cover or any accessories. 


Will student devices be passcode protected?

As devices are deployed, students will set up a passcode.  Parents may ask their child to share the passcode with them. 


Will students be able to set their lock screen?

On iPads, students will create a lock screen image that includes their picture and name.  The ability to change the lock screen will then be turned off, and this image will remain on the device while it is assigned to the student.  On MacBook laptops, students will not be able to change the desktop image. 


Will students' names be on devices?

Student names will be included on the lock screen image on iPads and in the user account on MacBook laptops. 


Will students be using Messages?

No, students will not have access to the messages app or the ability to send text messages on the device. 


Can parents have access to their child's email account?

Yes. Parents can require that their child share their Office 365 account password.


What will the alternative be for those children without iPads?

All children will be issued an iPad, unless a parent chooses to have their child not participate.  In that case, assignments would be completed with paper and pencil. 


Does Schoology operate only on iOS or can it work on Android as well?  

Schoology has an app for iOS, Android, and Chrome.  Schoology can also be accessed through a web browser as well.  


What will the students be doing on their devices?

They will be using the devices under the supervision of their teacher for learning purposes.


How will cyber-bullying be monitored and controlled?

Digital Citizenship education is be a part of everyday instruction.  As with other bullying, students/parents are encouraged to report any activity immediately so that it can be addressed.  Additionally, there is filtering in place to monitor and notify school administrators of  inappropriate emails to be dealt with appropriately.  


Will students be able to pass notes through email to each other during class?

Students will have the ability to email within the district (5th grade and below) or outside the district (6th grade and above). Teachers will be closely monitoring students activity to ensure proper use of the device.  


How long is the device assigned to the students?

The device is assigned to students for a 3 year period (the device lease length).  At this point, we will refresh devices and the students will be assigned new devices.  When students leave 8th grade, they will turn in their device, and receive a laptop upon entering high school. 


Will parents be notified if their child is sending inappropriate emails?  

We have filtering in place to monitor emails.  When an inappropriate email is identified, it is flagged by our third party human monitoring system and the school administration is notified.  The school administration will notify parents, if necessary.  


Will students be able to put games on their iPads?

Students will not be allowed to put games or other apps on their devices.  The district is managing all apps and will install apps on devices that students need for learning. 


If wifi is out at home, will the iPads still connect?

No.  The iPads will require a wifi network at home or other off campus locations in order to connect to the internet. 


How can 3rd & 4th students continue work at home?  Will assignments be accessible on personal devices? 

3rd & 4th grade students can continue work on personal devices outside of school.  Students can access both Office365 and Schoology through the web or apps on personal devices with their log in information.  ClassLink makes this easy.


Is any of the collective data traded/sold/shared with a 3rd party?



Who owns the work product?

The student.


How should loss or damage be reported?

Damage or loss should be reported to the homeroom teacher, who will direct the student to the correct technology staff member.


Will parents be notified before a search occurs?  Notified of any results prior to the student?

Searches will be conducted in a similar fashion as locker and/or desk searches.


Can students access their Office 365 OneDrive from other devices?

Yes, they can access on any device with an internet connection.


Are the devices allowed in the cafeteria?

Wifi access will be available in all cafeterias.  While food and drink are present, it is strongly recommended that devices not be used.


If damaged, how soon can a device be fixed/replaced?

A student will be provided with a loaner device while the device issued to them is being repaired.


How does this additional screen add to the potential for kids to become addicted to screens?

The device issued by Collierville Schools is intended for instructional use.  Those taking the device home should be using it for that purpose.  Use in classrooms will be supervised by teachers and other staff.  We encourage parents to set up rules/routines for supervision and use at home.


Will parents have access to view the work our students/children do on the devices?  

Parents can see work on devices that students take home, that is shared digitally by teachers, or printed. Parents are also encouraged to know their child’s account passwords.  With this information, parents can log into their student’s account to view work. 


Currently with school property, the school maintains responsibility for the property in terms of cost of repair or replacement, perhaps unless in case of negligence?  If a child intentionally throws a keyboard against a wall, I’d expect a call to say we must pay for replacement.  But if a child had an accident in the computer lab, I’m not sure we’d receive a bill for the new desktop/laptop.  Can you explain if this repair/replacement responsibility is any different than current school property and if so, why? 

The main difference is there is a device issued specifically to each student.  Proper care and use would not result in any damages/repairs.  The protective cases provided with the devices should protect from accidental damage.  


How long are the students exposed to devices?  There is no minimum or maximum time suggested by the district. 

What is encouraged is that the technology be used in a meaningful way under teacher supervision for learning purposes only. 


Will one iPad remain with child/student (through BSE years? Transferred to middle school?) 

Yes the student will be issued the same device each year for a 3 year cycle (see above for explanation).


Will there be prescribed apps for students?  And will they be standard issued? (Not for students sake, but parents sake, especially with several children.)

Apps will be sent to the devices by the district based on learning needs.  These are evaluated and vetted by a committee.


Will the device issued to a student follow them to the next grade, or will they be issued a new one each year?  

Yes, in the case of iPads 3rd - 8th grade, the student will be issued the same device each year for a 3 year cycle (see above for explanation).  This is not guaranteed at the high school with laptops.


Can/will the school provide suggestions on how we can monitor our kids’ on-line activity? 

As discussed at parent meetings, Common Sense Media offers great information.  In cases where students bring devices home, it is also recommended that students only use the device in public areas of the home, so that parents can be available to monitor. 


On the agreement form, it states we will pay for the cost of repair if it’s damaged.  What about accidents?  i.e.  The device is dropped or knocked off a desk and the screen cracks.  How will this be handled?

The protective case is designed to protect in the case of an accidental drop.