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Panorama Overview

Panorama Education surveys are administered to students grades 3-12 once each semester. Once survey data is collected, district leadership and school officials receive overall reports and averages, not individual student responses to specific questions. The data is intended to help administrators, school counselors, and teachers identify potential barriers to student learning, as well as increase both academic and social/emotional learning competencies for all students.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Panorama student surveys ask grade level appropriate questions designed to capture student voices on their classroom learning experiences, school culture and climate, and ability to manage their emotions. These surveys are important because they are the only district-wide measure Collierville Schools uses to allow students to share their learning experiences and measure bi-annual student progress in character education.

We consider character education to be an integral part of education as it is the process through which all learners acquire and apply the knowledge and skills to manage emotions, develop healthy identities, achieve personal and collective goals, treat others with respect, and make responsible and caring decisions.

Primary classroom teachers fill out staff perception surveys for students’ grade K-2 based on classroom observations. Students grades 3-12 utilize their school issued devices to take the survey under staff supervision during the school day.

All Panorama surveys are considered voluntary. If you would like to opt your student out of a Panorama survey, you can do so on the Microsoft form that is sent one week prior to when students are surveyed via ParentSquare. There is no credit or grade for participating or not participating in the surveys.

Spring 2023 proofs for each student survey are the same as Fall 2022. CS district staff hand select survey topics and questions from Panorama’s database.
K-2 Grade Version (answered by student’s primary classroom teacher)
3-5 Grade Version
6-12 Grade Version

No. Panorama surveys are not intended or designed to be used as a diagnostic tool to identify students with mental health concerns. The purpose of the survey is to help educators understand students’ school experiences and character education strengths and challenges.

The primary purpose of Panorama Education surveys is to understand student perspectives. District and school staff review overall reports and averages from the surveys to understand areas of strength and growth, as well as provide targeted and intentional student supports.

No. Panorama Education is not affiliated with any academic or legal philosophy. It is not connected to CRT and is not a tool for teaching CRT.


Personal Information and Data:

Panorama only uses student data for the purpose of serving schools and districts. Panorama does not collect personal information from students unless performing services for the school or district pursuant to a written contract. The collection and use of students’ personal information is governed by schools and districts and applicable laws. Panorama also does not market, sell, or rent any student's personal information; nor does it engage in, inform, influence, or enable advertising to students.
Panorama follows best practices for data privacy and security. The company implements administrative, technical, and physical security controls designed to protect information stored on its servers, which are located in the United States. Panorama does not use student data for purposes other than serving schools and districts and cannot share any education or student information unless authorized by the school or district or under applicable law.
Panorama only collects student data while performing services for the school or district pursuant to a written contract, and Panorama only uses student data for the purpose of serving schools and districts.

If you have further questions, you may contact your child’s school counselor or District Social Worker Julie Johnson ([email protected]).