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Threat Assessment

Threat assessment is a behavioral approach to violence prevention that focuses on threats and other forms of student conflict before they escalate into violent behavior. Threat assessment teams use a problem-solving approach to evaluate the risk of violence posed by someone and provide interventions and resolutions to the issues that underlie the threatening behavior. Threat assessment is recommended by the FBI, US Secret Service, and the Department of Education, and supported through law by the state of Tennessee. 


The Threat Assessment process involves identifying students who either demonstrate behaviors of concern or who have made threats to commit a violent act. Once identified, school level teams with the support of our district team will determine the seriousness of the threat and develop intervention plans that not only protect potential targets but also provide resources and supports that address the underlying problem or conflict that stimulated the threatening behavior.


It is important to remember that the likelihood of a student carrying out a threat of violence is very low. In most instances, threatening remarks are a sign that a student is frustrated, angry, or in need of help. The ultimate goal of the threat assessment process is to keep schools safe and to help potential offenders.


If you or your child is aware of any potential threatening situation, it is important to contact the school principal or a member of the administrative team. In an imminent emergency situation, call 911. Everyone is responsible for reporting a threat.