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On January 25, 2018, the Collierville Schools Board of Education unanimously approved the recommendation of Superintendent John Aitken to form a School Start Times Committee.  The charge of the committee is to study the possible benefits and impacts of any adjustments to the start and dismissal times of the nine (9) Collierville Schools for the 2019-20 school year and to make the appropriate recommendation(s) to the superintendent.  Superintendent Aitken appointed the district's Chief of Staff, Mr. Jeff Jones, to chair the committee and invited Ms. Wanda Chism to represent the Board of Education.  A complete roster of committee members may be accessed by clicking the link below.
This page has been created to allow the public to follow the work of the committee, which is expected to continue for approximately six months.  Using the links to the right, visitors may access agendas, visual presentations, supporting documents, and meeting minutes.  While this page is not designed as a forum for public input, it is the intent of the committee to administer surveys to various stakeholder groups and to host one or more public meetings to share the outcomes of their research.