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PLEx Courses Offered

Started in January 2018:
Modern States & CLEP
Collierville Schools has partnered with Modern States, a non-profit that offers courses developed and taught by college professors that prepare students for the College Level Examination Program (CLEP).  Successfully passing a CLEP exam earns students college credit at over 2,900 colleges.  As part of the partnership, Modern States is paying the $85 test fee, as well as the $25 scheduling fee for students in Collierville Schools who enroll online, complete the course, and take the CLEP exam (for a limited time).  Please note that these courses do not count for high school credit.  A list of Modern States courses that align with CHS courses can be found here. Register with Modern States to get started. 
Beginning in 2018-2019:
Personal Finance
In this virtual course, Foundations in Personal Finance (developed by Dave Ramsey), students will learn decision-making skills related to goal setting, earning potential, budgeting, saving, borrowing, managing risk, and investing. All students are required to take a Personal Finance course as part of their graduation requirements, and we are offering this course an online option. The course will be delivered through Foundations Digital's course management system.  
ACT Prep
In this blended course, students will focus on ACT test taking skills, review core subject content, take practice tests, and more.   The course will be delivered through Schoology, our district learning management system.
ACT Career Ready 101
In this virtual course, students will experience the Career Ready 101 curriculum. Through Career Ready 101, learners will build workplace and life literacy skills such as financial awareness, career exploration, interpersonal communication and problem-solving.  The course will be delivered through the ACT Career Ready 101 learning platform.  
Saylor Academy
Collierville Schools has partnered with Saylor Academy to offer courses for students to earn college credit at Southwest Tennessee Community College.  Students must successfully complete the final exam for these courses to earn credit.  Please note that these courses do not count for high school credit. A list of Saylor courses that align to Southwest courses can be found here. Register with Saylor Academy to get started. 
Coming Soon:
  • 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Social Studies blended learning courses
  • Career Success Course
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