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Collierville PLEx Program

Collierville Personalized Learning Experience (PLEx)

The mission of the Collierville PLEx program is to use innovative learning opportunities to personalize learning for all students.  

What does this mean? 

Collierville Schools is evolving its education structure to meet the needs of students, preparing them to succeed in future endeavors.  Our Personalized Learning Experience (PLEx) is a form of blended learning, which is an innovative approach where students are provided a combination of instructional paths –– teacher-facilitated instruction, online instruction, self-paced learning, and collaborative activities and stations. The goal is to provide an integrated, personalized learning experience for every student.

Why are we doing this?
Learning never ends.  With the current state of technology, learning materials are available to students every minute, hour and day of the week.  We believe it’s not only what our students learn that will help lead to their success, but how they learn it. Therefore, this personalized approach to learning gives students more control over the how, what, when and where they learn course material.  It allows them to control the pace of their learning, advancing based on mastery of the lesson, not an arbitrary timeline. In addition, this form of self-directed learning will develop time-management skills and personal responsibility.

Who are we doing this for?
We do everything for our students, your children. We believe this approach will best suit them and prepare them for a successful future. Giving students a certain amount of control over how they learn course material prepares them with the life skills needed to succeed in college and the years beyond.

How will this program be implemented?
We’ll begin with a phased-in approach, starting with a select number of classes and ACT prep starting in the 2018-2019 school year. This will allow us to monitor and adjust our processes as needed.  School leaders will work with students to discuss opportunities for PLEx courses.  


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