Information from Durham

We at Durham are dedicated to servicing your community. There have been several setbacks in staffing that have resulted in delays and combinations for some routes. We are staffing the Collierville lot but it will take some time. Normally, for every 100 applications that we receive, only 10 will qualify. Of those 10, we will move only 2 to the training program. Those 2 will take 4-6 weeks to learn to drive a bus safely. We cannot afford to cut any corners as it is our children that we are trusting these individuals with. We are moving drivers in from other districts to help, but currently the Collierville lot is short staffed by 8 drivers. We have 4 in training but that means that we must take 200 applications to get the 4 qualified people that we need. Staffing is a huge task, but we have people working on it daily. Please be assured that our sole priority is getting the children to school safely, on time and ready to learn.