Collierville Schools

The Collierville Schools School Board will hold its regular business meeting Monday, April 17th at 6pm at Town Hall.



Pre-K is an educational program that school districts may apply for and is funded by state and local funds. If a school district is awarded the funding, the school district may implement a Pre-K classroom within an existing school. 

The purpose of the program is to provide four-year-old children identified as being educationally and economically at-risk with access to a quality educational environment, in hopes of preparing them for future educational success.  The program is of no cost to the parents/guardians.

Funding for the Pre-K program is determined by the State of Tennessee on an annual basis.

At this time, our Pre-K classroom has reached its student enrollment capacity.


Collierville Schools is in the process of applying for a Pre-K program for the 2017-2018 school year.  We should know towards the end of April/mid- May if we have been granted a program.  If we are granted a Pre-K program, all instructions for applying will be posted here.  You may also contact or visit our office for additional questions.