Collierville Schools

The Collierville Schools School Board will hold its regular business meeting Monday, April 17th at 6pm at Town Hall.



2016 – 2017



Check out our new school menus!

Our menus have a new look!  You can easily view information about what is on our school menu each day.  An image and description for food items, as well as nutrition information, is also available.


Our innovative and interactive site and mobile app make our school menus more convenient and informative than ever before!


Please note that Nutrislice is only available for Bartlett City Schools and Collierville Schools.



You can download the "School Lunch by Nutrislice" app on your smartphone or computer by visiting the App Store or get it for your Android on Google Play.


To view menus on Nutrislice, click your school district below.





April Menus
March Menus